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Book of the Web is a web guide specializing in SEO. Topical directory and general , we welcome your sites to increase their visibility on the Internet. Registration is free for all.
General directorybecause we are open to all types of sites, and topical directory through the optimization of our links rewrites displaying your categories and subcategories . Submit your site to our directory is to offer an appropriate referral that promotes anti -duplicate -content to optimize your position on search engines . Choosean appropriate referral !

Get two additional backlinks, the first by sending visitors from your site, you will appear in the top referrers and earn a link. Idem , the more your site is visited at home , the more it rises in the top hits and you appear in the top hits and win , one more link .

If you can not find the category that suits you in our directory , feel free to ask us to addin your submission and we'll do it with pleasure.

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